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Meritor WABCO Releases TOOLBOX™ 9.0 Diagnostic Software

In a news release today, Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems announced the availability of TOOLBOX™ 9.0, the latest PC-based diagnostics software for its pneumatic and hydraulic anti-lock braking systems, electronic leveling modules, and electronically-controlled air suspensions.

New features in TOOLBOX™ 9.0 include:
Support for RSSPlus™, Meritor WABCO’s trailer-based stability system.
Support for the “E” version of Hydraulic ABS (HABS).
Support for tractor ABS “E” version 4.3 and Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB)releases 1 and 2.
Compatibility with Microsoft Windows® 7 operating system.

“As our vehicle systems become more sophisticated, it’s imperative that diagnostic tools are more intuitive and easier to use,” said Alan Korn, director of vehicle dynamics and controls, Meritor WABCO. “Technicians will like working with TOOLBOX™ 9.0. It’s designed to help them be more efficient and productive and minimize vehicle downtime.”

TOOLBOX™ 9.0 supports the complete range of Meritor WABCO vehicle control products:
Pneumatic ABS (D and E Versions)
Trailer ABS (Easy-Stop™ and Enhanced Easy-Stop™ with PLC)
SmartTrac Stability Control (ESC and RSC) and RSSPlus™
Hydraulic ABS
Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB)
Electronic leveling valves for tractors and trailers
Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) for buses
Since the introduction of TOOLBOX™ in 1999, Meritor WABCO has been a leader in the development of PC-based diagnostics for braking and other vehicle control systems. TOOLBOX™ displays both active and stored system faults as well as the corresponding repair instructions. It can display both constant and dynamic information from the braking system under test, and activate components to verify system integrity, correct component operation, and installation wiring.

Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX™ 9.0 requires Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, or Windows 7; a minimum of 512MB RAM; 60MB HD space for full installation; a 64- or 32-bit processor; an RP1210A-compliant communications adapter for SAE J1708/J1587 or PLC; and a serial, parallel, or USB port for an RP1210A adapter.

TOOLBOX™ is distributed by SPX Service Solutions. For order information, call 1-800-328-6657. Technical support is available through Meritor WABCO’s OnTrac® customer service team at 1-800-535-5560.

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