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Did You Know?

Over half of the components in Genuine Reman air dryers are brand new and original equipment quality

Meritor WABCO Genuine Reman

Genuine Meritor WABCO reman products sustain durability and performance.


Meritor WABCO remanufactured products are built with genuine WABCO components made of high-grade materials and rigorously validated by WABCO to OE specifications to ensure "good as new" quality, durability and performance. Operations powered by rigourous Six Sigma Lean processes and ISO TS-16949-2009 certification giving you piece of mind. Managed by knowledgeable remanufacturing professionals backed by one of the commercial vehicle industry's most powerful brands.

Why Meritor WABCO reman parts stand out from the crowd:

  • Hardened raw material and custom-made tooling deliver production values that cannot be duplicated.
  • Regular and rigorous audits of all Meritor WABCO component manufacturers.
  • Exhaustive end-of-line tests: meeting the toughest vehicle and road standards.
  • The most stringent quality standards: Meritor WABCO achieves industry-leading ratios in defects per million parts (PPM)

Remanufacturing parts has the power to extend the life of your vehicles and improve your business performance. Meritor WABCO remanufactured products can help your business to:

  • Maintain a cost effective supply of parts as vehicle life extends.
  • Get access to parts no longer in mainstream production.
  • Protect the environment. Support sustainability with the ultimate 'recycling' option.

Remanufacturing has positive environmental ramifications through core return which assists Meritor WABCO to prevent waste of key materials.

Meritor WABCO ensures that customers get the highest quality product at a reduced cost. Meritor WABCO remanufactured products come with One Year Warranty and 24/7 support from Meritor's Aftermarket team.

Only Meritor WABCO can build and rebuild high quality products to meet OE requirements that customers TRUST!

Genuine Reman Air Dryers

Remanufactured air dryers come standard with top of the line Meritor WABCO cartridges. Our cartridges surpass competition to offer superior drying performance. Click here for more information on Meritor WABCO cartridges.

Meritor WABCO has a detailed inspection process. Remanufactured air dryers include new components that meet current OE level performance specifications. All reman air dryers have passed an advance end of line test. Products are 100% tested for casting leaks, port leaks and proper safety valve function. Meritor WABCO remanufactured air dryers help to extend the life a vehicle and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Genuine Reman Hydraulic Power Brake

In 2004 we introduced the Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), which provided a quantum leap in medium-duty stopping power. HPB provides "Best in Class" stopping distance and pedal feel.

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Genuine Reman Mack ASET Compressor

Meritor WABCO remanufactured compressors meet an advanced end of line test. The products maintain original equipment components, quality, and durability. More than 79% of the parts are brand new original equipment components.

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