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Did You Know?

Meritor WABCO is the first to the NA market with OnGuard 50,000+ systems in the field, 6 billion highway miles.

System Saver™ 1200 Plus Air Dryer

Meritor WABCO’s air system solutions are engineered for optimized performance with less energy consumption

The System Saver 1200 Plus is a high-capacity, spin-on air dryer that utilizes internal air for regeneration. By incorporating the wet tank and adding a drain valve, it allows customers to have one less reservoir in the system, ultimately saving space and vehicle weight. With an integrated re-gen, wet tank and governor drain valve in one lightweight compact unit with 1200 cc of premium desiccant, it sets the industry standard for lowering vehicle cost of ownership.

Features & Benefits

  • Premium desiccant, providing greater water absorption capability
  • Replacement spin-on cartridge, allowing for simple maintenance and reduced downtime
  • Internal purge volume which does not use system air for regeneration
  • Internal governor to simplify plumbing, reduce overall installed cost, and has improved functionality and faster response timing
  • 100-watt heater available for 12-volt or 24-volt applications
  • Coalescing filter option for optimum oil control is compatible with the latest engines and EPA emission control systems
  • Two mounting options to accommodate various vehicle configurations and is a compact, lightweight design for easy installation
  • Common external service components proven for reliability and quality, allowing for easy replacement
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