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Did You Know?

Meritor WABCO’s cartridge processes 79% more dry air when used with a Meritor WABCO dryer as opposed to some competitive cartridges

System Saver Cartridges

Meritor WABCO cartridges provide the most dry air


Meritor WABCO provides the highest quality cartridges in the market. Our System Saver cartridges serve as a preventive measure to ensure that you get the highest performance for your dollar. Even though some cartridges may look alike, performance can vary drastically and Meritor WABCO cartridges outperform the competition! Many “value” cartridges fail to deliver dry air at any flow rate. Meritor WABCO’s cartridges can be used with our air dryers and even competing spin-on-style air dryers

Meritor WABCO offers two options, traditional and coalescing. Meritor WABCO is the standard dryer and coalescing cartridge supplier for several OEM’s.

Features & Benefits

  • Meritor WABCO Cartridges:
  • Are the highest drying performance cartridges
  • Maintains a reliable braking system
  • Spin-on/spin-off design allows for quick and easy maintenance
  • Coalescing Cartridge:
  • Reduces the amount of aerosol oil and particulate in air supply
  • Maintains factory performance levels of downstream valves by not allowing oil to clog or slow valves
  • Extends the life of downstream valves by reducing the oil that can damage rubber seals
  • Reduces vehicle downtime
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Maintains system performance
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