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Did You Know?

Meritor WABCO is the first to the NA market with OnGuard. 20,000+ systems in the field; 3 billion highway miles.

Rear Aero Auto Deploy System

WABCO is focused on continuously developing integrated safety technology and efficient system solutions, delivered by the broadest and most experienced support network.


SmartTrac™ Rear Aero Auto Deploy Software (RAADS) is an intelligent solution that can automatically deploy a trailer rear aerodynamic panel at speed. The system utilizes WABCO’s ABS controller and vehicle speed signal to trigger deployment of the trailer’s rear aerodynamic device when the vehicle reaches 35 mph.

RAADS plays a vital role in improving trailer efficiency by ensuring the trailer’s rear aerodynamic device is deployed to achieve fuel savings. Manual aerodynamic devices suffer from drivers neglecting to open the device before driving. Automatic deployment ensures that the fleet is taking full advantage of the fuel savings that a rear aerodynamic panel can provide.

RAADS is a simpler alternative to existing auto deployment products used for aerodynamic devices today. RAADS affords users the ability to use fewer parts which leads to faster installation, lowers costs and a shorter fuel saving ROI. Since the system is integrated into WABCO’s ABS, users will also experience the comfort of low maintenance.

The system can be configured via TOOLBOX™ 12.2. An optional status light is available, which notifies the driver when the rear aero device is deployed.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully automated to ensure deployment
  • Takes full advantage of fuel economy savings for Trailer Tail
  • Fewer components than other automatically deployed rear aero panels
  • Failure detection and notification
  • Ease of installation
  • System can be configured with TOOLBOX 12.2
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